End of the Weekend Blues…

Sooo, today is the end of the weekend. At least for all the people who have standard 8-5 jobs Mon-Fri. For me, someone who is not able to be a full time writer just yet, the end of the weekend brings a small tinge of depression. I leave the world I’ve created in my story to live out the regular normalcy of day to day life during the week. Work, homework, cooking dinner, church, and any other thing that might pop up during the week. For instance, my daughter telling me the night before she has a science project due the next day so I make a midnight run to Wal-mart for a poster board. Yes, all you parents with older kids know what I’m talking about. LOL

Anyway, I of course try to write during the week. Truth be told I write at work as much as possible too. But being a receptionist who answers calls about worker’s comp (something that is the farthest thing from my interest) tends to be a distraction I sometimes can’t avoid. When I went to the Writer’s Digest Conference this past year in NYC one of the speakers said something that struck me as honesty at its peak. Writer’s write not because they want to but almost because they have to. We find ourselves at our truest self at the computer or with a pencil and notebook letting the words flow from us. It is the most guiltiest of pleasures and one of the most selfish. Ahhh yes, if you’re a writer you find your own thoughts chastising you as you drive to work, get the groceries, help with homework, or any other activity not involving writing. They scream to you, “I should be writing!!!” And you don’t know which guilt is worse, not writing as your mind demands or fussing at yourself when you clearly need to feed your children and husband for the night.

I’m telling you, I think the more I learn about writing, the more passion and dedication I find that you need for this relentless occupation, the more in love with it I become. There is an awe and admiration I have for my fellow writers whether amateur or professional that is indescribable in words. And hey…that’s sayin alot since I’m a writer.

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