Night Silence

I have found a true comfort in the silence that comes with the cover of darkness. It’s when my true work can begin. Quietness envelops the house. My husband and children are tucked nicely in their beds. Even the cat on the arm of the couch next to me is motionless, his eyes closed in a serene catnap. As for me, my eyelids cry out to do the same. Closing them and giving into the exhaustion that rages inside, I can’t…I won’t give in.

Ahhhh yes, this is when I do my best writing. The clarity and the focus flows out onto the page. At last, at the end of the day, I feel like I’ve accomplished something of worth, even if I’m the only one to see it for what it actually is.

I write until my eyes blur and I can’t seem to hit the right keys on the keyboard. What truly makes me crazy is that I’ll do it all again tomorrow and the day after that. Something I have learned in my writing experience, although short, is that writing takes dedication and an unwillingness to give up. It commands you to lose sleep to get that chapter you’ve been working on finished. To miss out on birthdays, family gatherings, or a movie with your friend. You are the one who’s efforts are truly measured by what you’ve created at the end of the day. So I say to all of you out there…make today immeasurable and your cup overflow.

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