New Agent vs. Established Agent

I know this has been a big question on my mind since the start of my querying journey and even before I went to the Writer’s Digest Conference this year. I feel that every writer beginning the querying process NEEDS to not only consider but research different options when it comes to choosing an agent. Every agent like every author has their own way of doing things, their own quirks, and working habits. As writer’s we tend to feel like we’re in a fish bowl just waiting for the net to come down and pick us, that our work and ourselves in general are being chosen BY the agent.

In truth, it may feel that way because you’re chomping at the bit to get a book deal and having an agent will validate that your story doesn’t outright stink. Your mind can somehow rest because “You’ve been chosen above all the other hundreds that submitted finally!” BUT as writers we also hold our OWN choice in choosing the right fit for an agent. The agent you pick will hopefully become not only your business partner, but your friend, confidant, and truly a part of your family. THIS is an important decision from both sides!

Check out this link. It really helps you figure out one of the more important questions when choosing an agent…New vs. Established:

Happy Writing!

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