What Inspires you?

We all have those moments, a certain clip in our favorite books or movies that move us in unspeakable ways. Ways in which, even as writers, we are breathtakin and without words. This is something that every fiction author and perhaps every writer at one time or the other strives to give to their readers. To have that one instant where their story comes together in an unforgettable moment for their readers to carry with them forever.

That’s what makes the diversity in books and movies so wonderful because you never know what part will speak to one person or another. The euphoria of being the hero in the battle, the heroin who is fought for, or the character who overcomes great odds to become what he or she was meant to be. It’s what I love most about books and movies. How they draw us in and gives us hope, allowing us, for even a short time to dream, to fall in love, to fight, and to live in a world that doesn’t exist outside the pages of a book or the movie screen.

As a writer, these times are key for me in my inspiration. They allow me to grow in my writing and to take chances when creating something. So my question is…what inspires you?

Watch those movie clips or read those pages that stir something within you. Write down the feelings you have for each. Do they make you feel desperate or that you can win at any cost? Maybe it’s that your love can carry you through anything? Keep that list nearby when you write. Look at it often and seek to bring that to your own pages that you write. Allow it to flow and be ongoing for your readers.

Here are just a few of mine:

Movie: Harry Potter/ The Deathly Hollows Part 2 – Professor McGonagall casts the spell to protect Hogwarts.

Movie: Lord of the Rings – Arwen gives Aragorn the Evenstar

Movie: Lord of the Rings/The Two Tower’s – Battle charge of Helms Deep

Movie: Notting Hill – When Julia Roberts asks Hugh Grant to come sit beside her.

Movie: The Notebook – When Noah asks Allie what she wants, and he knows it’s gonna be hard but he wants to do it with her.

Book: Divergent Trilogy/Allegience – won’t go into details in case you haven’t read the books. But the end was something I had to recover from for a couple of days. Veronica Roth definitely took her own advice in saying “Be brave”.

Book: Game of Thrones/A Storm of Swords – ah hem…the Red Wedding…need I say more. When I watched the scene from the tv show I literally got up from the couch and screamed as did most people who read the books or watch the show. My sister-in-law literally fell to her knees, screaming and crying.

There’s my list! Now it’s time to write yours!






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