Passion Paper…


How do you capture your passion on paper? Better yet, how do you get your readers to over and over again?

It’s something that every writer asks themselves when they embark on a new piece of work. If it isn’t their first time, perhaps they feel even more pressure to bring that passion once more to the page. Now, however, in greater proportions than the time before. After all, they have readers to satisfy and take care of.

I often wonder sometimes who has the hardest work laying before them. Is it the brand new inspired writer who has the furthest inkling of what, in fact, he or she is about to thrust themselves into? Or is is the well polished, well oiled, professional who has been typing away at their keyboard for the last decade.

Both have something to prove. Both feel the unrelentling pressure of spilling their soul out onto a piece of parchment. Not just any paper. No. One that readers will pick up again and again. One that at times will make them laugh, make them cry, dare to dream, awaken their past or future and allow them to relive it over and over again, as many times as they willingly pick up the words of your soul you dared to share. The words you bleed for.

I say again, it is an honor to be part of the writing tribe. It’s hard and there are days I can’t seem to pick up a pen or turn on my laptop. But I have a story to tell. One that God put forth in me to share, like no other could. Each of us have our own. And that’s what I’ll do and what will drive me to pour that passion onto the page. I’ll do it…because I’m a writer.


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