Fun Fact Friday!!! Post # 3

Authors and their WEIRD habits:

Some of our most famous authors have weird and wonderful habits when it comes to their writing.

james Joyce

James Joyce wrote lying on his stomach in bed, with a large blue pencil, wearing a white coat. His eyesight became increasingly poor and the white coat was thought to help reflect light and make it easier for him to see.


Anthony Trollope began his day promptly at 5:30 am every morning, and habitually wrote 250 words every 15 minutes, timing himself with a watch.


Lewis Carroll preferred to write in purple ink.

Alejandro Dumas_n

Alexandre Dumas was even more particular; he penned all of his fiction on a certain shade of blue paper, poetry on yellow, and articles on pink.

Kinda cool when you think about all the different little quirks each writer has. I don’t think I’ve developed that many as of yet. I do seem to do my best writing either at the bookstore or in my bed. Nowhere else seems to work. LOL!

Do you have any weird writing habits? If you do I would love to hear about them! Send me a comment or reply!

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