Writing Boosts!


So every writer goes through different stages in their writing journey. Some of you may just be getting started on your first chapter, while others are finishing their final one. Still, some may even be further along and embarking on their editing processes now.

Wherever you may be, know that someone has been there before you. They’ve experienced the same fears, hopes, edits, and rewrites you have had in their own path to writing.

Here’s a handful of articles I found on BookBaby that might help you along the way.

* Writers, Forget About Your Weaknesses!

* Top 3 Tips for Writing Your First Novel

* Janet Fitch’s 10 Tips That Can Help Any Writer

* Finishing Your Novel: How to Know When Your Book is Done

* Dangerous Writing: How to Amplify What’s at Stake in Your   Novel

* Time Management Tips for Writers on a Deadline

* Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules for Writing

* The Guardian’s 10 Rules for Fiction Writers

* Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

* Three Rules For Writing Well

* 3 Tips to Writing Better Action Scenes

* Using Beats to Bring Your Dialogue to Life: Turn the Beat Around

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