Is it time again already!?!

Untitled 66Soooo…of course I am a huge fan of the Writer’s Digest Conference since I was able to experience it first hand last August. Icing on the cake is that it’s in New York City, my most favorite city in the WHOLE world!

Anyway, like I’ve said before, if you’re a writer and you can go to a writing conference, DO IT. They are priceless in so many ways and totally worth your money!

This particular conference though, gives you even more of an immeasurable experience with it’s well know Pitch Slam. It’s incredible. You, along with a group of other writers can pitch your manuscript to agents in 1 of 3, 1-hour sessions of your choice. There’s like 50 different agents or more for you to choose from. 50 AGENTS! When do you have the opportunity to look an agent eye to eye and get their one-on-one attention any other time when you’re in the querying process? Very rarely if ever. This alone is worth you going.

Pitch Slam is scary, amazing, nerve-wracking, and unbelievable all at once. I simply, love it. 🙂 Truly, I just can’t say enough good things about this conference.

So with that said here’s a preview: Hope you get to go!!!

Writer's Digest Annual Conference

Hello there!
I hope you are doing well and getting a lot of writing done during these chilly winter months.
I’m thrilled to announce the details of the 2015 Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, once again taking place in New York City the weekend of July 31–August 2. It’s my favorite writing event of the year, jam-packed with great speakers, special events, and hundreds of energized, attentive attendees.

This year, we’re once again hosting our massive Pitch Slam, with more than fifty agents and editors in attendance, ready and willing to hear about your book. As with last year, we’ll be running a minimum of three one-hour pitch sessions with a limited number of writers permitted into each one. It’s an exciting, energizing, exhilarating experience that gives you an opportunity to meet with the industry pros who are actively looking for new talent to represent or publish.

As in the past, we’ll have stellar educational tracks devoted to publishing and self-publishing, platform and promotion, and the craft of writing. But I’m even happier to announce we’ve added two new tracks of education. The Business of Being an Author examines what it takes to live the writer’s life, think like an entrepreneur, and manage your writing like, well, a business. And our new Genre Studies track will provide you with a full roster of sessions devoted to a wide variety of genres, enabling us to dig down into what makes each genre tick, what their respective audiences want, and how to excel in each.

We’ll also have dozens of fantastic speakers and instructors, including New York Times bestsellers Jonathan Maberry, Hallie Ephron and M.J. Rose, self-publishing sensation G.P. Ching, and Writer Beware co-founder Victoria Strauss. The program is still in its early days and there are many more big names to come. Keep your eyes peeled—we’ll announce new speakers regularly!
Finally, be sure to join us on Saturday night for our massive cocktail party and author signing, plus a number of other social activities during which you can network, share war stories, good news, or even form a new writers group.

It’s going to be our biggest and best event yet. I sincerely hope you can join us. The Early-Bird deadline is March 9, so be sure to register right away!

I look forward to seeing you this summer.

Phil Sexton
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Phil Sexton
Publisher, Writer’s Digest
Twitter @psexton1
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