Fun Fact Friday!!! Post #6 – How Writing Affects Your Brain

Sorry ya’ll for being MIA the last couple of days! I had some kind of virus and I literally could barely move from my couch to the kitchen. Anyway, it all that “fun” I was having, it some how got to be Friday! Sooo…Happy Friday ya’ll!!!

I found this little article and it’s pretty cool! Take a look!

As a writer, you likely practice your craft without really thinking about how the process of writing affects your brain. However, it is pretty fascinating the way that our brains are hardwired to interpret the written word. You might not realize how much of an effect that reading and writing has on the brain, or what is happening in the brain as you write down a story or read a novel. In order to improve your writing skills, it’s helpful to know how writing and reading work in the human brain so that you can create written content that will have the most effect on the reader.

Check out this intriguing infographic to learn more about the connection between writing and the brain. It just might give you some insight into how you can become a better and more effective writer and understand how your stories affect your readers.


Writing Stimulates Our Brain’s Memories

Many scientists have done studies on how we understand reading and writing, with some pretty interesting results. They have found out about why stories help us remember information better than lists of facts and how our brains react to descriptive passages.

They have even discovered the scientific why clichés are so boring and should be avoided in writing. It turns out that our brains become de-sensitized to metaphors and sensory language that are used too often and these phrases no longer produce the same reaction in the brain. That is why being original is so important in your writing.

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