Let the Good Times Roll!!

I’mmmmm back!! Did everyone miss me?!? So yes, to everyone’s question. I took a little break from writing, if that’s what you call it. Funny thing is, when you’re a true writer, I find that even if you’re not holding a pen in your hand or tapping away at a keyboard, your writing still follows you.

Wherever you go it’s still right there in the back of your mind. At your job, the supermarket, the movie theatre, etc. It says, “I’m a part of you. The part that weaves itself within your heart, grows like a tree in your mind. I’m here. I’m ready when you are.”

So, here I am and here I will stay.

It’s easy for a writer to get distracted and even more easy for them to second guess themselves. The process is so long and tedious at moments. You have plenty of time to second guess if you can actually do it. Are you worthy of it? It’s an overwhelming place to be but not an impossible place.

Stay focused, stay steadfast. Let the story inside of you grow and produce fruit. God gave you a gift to share stories that only you can be the author of. Embrace it with no fear!

Tomorrow’s blog will be quite special to me. A deep thank you to my editor, Katelyn Stark of Stark Contrast Editing, who is beyond AMAZING. Because of her, I will be able to introduce my edited 1st complete chapter of my manuscript, Guarded Light, to the world!

Stay tuned…and Let the Good Times Roll!

Happy Writing & Editing!

P.S.Here’s Katelyn’s website if anyone needs a fabulous editor!!


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