Did you know? Reading is Important!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I know we talk mostly about writing on my blog, but there’s actually something even more important than that. GASP!!! I know, I know, how could I possibly utter those words? NOTHING is more important than writing, right? Well…how about the very reason we write? The purpose of why we spill words onto the page…is to read.

Reading is so important, no matter what stage of life you’re in, or so I believe anyways. Here is a small article I found with some reading facts you might find interesting.

There is overwhelming evidence that literacy has a significant relationship to people’s life chances. A person with poor literacy is more likely to live in a non-working household, live in overcrowded housing and is less likely to vote.

It is vital that children enjoy reading – motivation is essential for acquiring literacy skills. Reading for pleasure is more important than either wealth or social class as an indicator of success at school.

Young people’s reading and literacy

There are approximately 23.3% young people aged under 18 in the US today.

  • In October 2013, 16 to 24 year olds came 22nd out of 24 countries measured for literacy levels by the OECD.
  • 46% of 16 to 24 year olds don’t read for pleasure.
  • More young people volunteer than any age group, in fact 40% of all young people volunteer. Despite this, only 12% of media stories about young people are positive, almost half the articles about young people are crime related and only one in ten stories about young people actually bothers to quote a young person.
  • The UK has the lowest child wellbeing of all UN countries surveyed in 2011, below Hungary, Poland, the US and virtually every European or western nation.
  • 15.9% of all 16- to 24-year-olds in England are not in education, employment or training.
  • Reading books is the only out-of-school activity for 16-year-olds demonstrably linked to securing managerial or professional jobs.
  • 70% of pupils permanently excluded from school have difficulties in basic literacy skills.

Adults’ reading and literacy

There are still far too many people whose poor basic skills put them at a huge disadvantage in modern society.


  • 35% of adults don’t read for pleasure.
  • 42% of men don’t read for pleasure.
  • 60% of the prison population has difficulties in basic literacy skills.
  • 15% of the working age population in the US (5.1m people) are at or below the level of literacy expected of an 11 year old. This figure was 16% (5.2 million people) in 2003.
  • More people are at the lowest level of literacy than in 2003 – 1.7m compared to 1.1m.

There is a new understanding of the importance of adults enjoying reading, and reading for pleasure. It helps to improve skills at the same time as increasing enjoyment, self-confidence and motivation.

Libraries and reading

Reading is one of our most popular pastimes. It’s more popular than gardening, going to the cinema, going to the theatre and concerts and doing DIY.

Libraries are the US’s most significant providers of the reading experience. They have an extraordinarily wide demographic reach, and play a vital, socially equalising role by giving everyone in a local community access to reading materials, and specialist support to encourage reading for pleasure.

Libraries’ work with readers builds people’s literacy levels, educational attainment and employability. It builds confidence, self-esteem and well-being.

  • Children who are read to every day at age three have a vocabulary at age five, nearly two months in advance to those that are not.
  • A child taken to the library on a monthly basis from ages three to five is two and a half months ahead an equivalent child at age five who did not visit the library so regularly.
  • Research suggests that regular reading is associated with a 35% reduction in the risk of dementia. It can reduce stress levels by 68%.
  • Taking part in social reading activity like reading groups can help people feel less isolated and develop mental concentration and mental agility.

Hope everybody has a great weekend! Happy Reading Ya’ll!

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