Just a small update…but a BIG change!


I am super super excited to announce that I am working with Ms. Katelyn Stark of Stark Contrast Editing on my adult paranormal manuscript, Guarded Light. She is fantastic and I feel so blessed that she will be guiding me through this process.

If anyone needs editing help, please check her out:


With that said, I know that most of my blogs so far haven’t touched much on the description of my manuscript and where exactly on the writing path I am. Soon, however, that will all change.

Here’s a little background info though I’d like to share first.

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I’ve always enjoyed writing. It somehow makes me feel alive. I wrote my first short story in 5th grade. Like most girls my age it was about a horse…and a boy. With a little added bad grammar and spelling too. LOL!

After that however, life got busy, I grew up and my ambition to write was pushed aside. It never left completely though. About 7 years ago I tried to pick up a pen again and write but was overwhelmed by the enormity of it and the lack of knowledge I had in the industry. So I put the pen down again.

A lost dream like so many others. Or so I thought…I didn’t realize at the time that I wasn’t choosing the writing, it was choosing me. Life was molding and creating me for the exact moment when I was ready to hold tightly to that pen and jump.

About 3 or 4 years ago I was daydreaming on the car ride home. I began envisioning what would later be one of my main characters in my manuscript (a cloaked woman walking amongst ancient graves in a forest). Finally, there it was. With God’s nudging, my story began. I started writing. Really writing, fearlessly.

It took about 2 years to finish my manuscript and it was hard and long. I can’t tell you how many times I nearly quit. Throughout all of it, I basically felt like I was incompetent and had no right to even think I could possibly achieve the treasure of writing a book. But I kept trudging through even with a full-time job, 2 kids, and a husband.

Just like every writer out there I poured my heart and soul out onto the pages. With my words I gave my characters breath. There, Guarded Light, was born with the promise that one day readers would live and experience along with me. That is my ultimate goal.

Soooo to get this party started and hopefully get readers excited, I will continue to blog updates, clips, maybe even chapters to see what everyone thinks.

This has been a solitary journey for me up until now, but change is here. NOW it will be a journey I travel together with all of you!

Please enjoy Guarded Light and know there will be more to come:

In a world of supernatural magic, the lands within are now plagued by darkness and tyranny. Angels and demons for centuries have battled for one sole purpose, to possess the daughter of Adam and Eve. Callan is the lifeblood that will sway the balance of good and evil by her choice alone. After believing he had lost her forever, Avek, her beloved, finds his destiny entwined with Callan once again. In his quest to protect her from the darkness, Avek discovers who he was meant to be and where his purpose lies in this struggle of epic proportion. Joining their strength together, Heaven and Hell will never be the same, only one will survive.